About "SMEXY"

[Our journey is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It may look like we benefit from what we see, or hear or feel or do, but it may be more about what we remember on our search for the perfection and the divine that is within all of us.]

2003 Integrated Marketing Company

Started the company in Singapore and eventually did a lot more in Taiwan. The company looked at integrated marketing services, PR, advertising and artist management.

2005 Events Company

Begin operating in Singapore as a full fledged events company. Specialising from destination management, parties to conferences.

2011 Tourist Attraction Management

Opportunities came about and the company ventured into managing tourist attraction spots in South East Asia. Our kiosks can be found at attractions like Sentosa, Singapore.

2015 Private Label Designer Brand

Smexy sounds very fashionable indeed. Private label designer group transformed SMEXY into a fashion brand to produce designers apparels.

Together with SMEXY, 4E4 (
https://4e4.net/) which was registered in 2002 became a sub-brand too. 4E4 stands for 'forever'.

2021 New Start

Usage of the brand "SMEXY" ended in late 2020 with the private label. The brand and domain came back to the original owner and will be working our way into the crypto-verse.

smexy 2021