[NFT stands for "non-fungible token". It has unique properties so that it cannot be interchanged with something else. ]

There are many opportunities in the NFT space. At SMEXY, we encourage creators to step forward to showcase their work. If you have good concept, drop us a message on Twitter. We will act as a studio to give you advice and bring you to marketplaces. Best of all, we will not take a cent from you.

Animmocka Punkzi Club

Animmocka Punkzi Club is an NFT collection that has light touches of sarcasm and humour using different animals to mock the crypto industry.


Raccoin NFT is a 1:1 raccoon-designed PFP collection. Our bandit-masked raccoons are a familiar sight everywhere and now in the crypto NFT space.

SMEXY Anndy Lian

We have captured the moment where Anndy Lian first presented about blockchain to the South Korean audiences. This exact NFT was also shown on Channel News Asia "Money Mind".

SMEXY CZ Binance

CZ, CEO of Binance presented Binance roadmap at the first CoinMarketCap Conference. His roadmap to success is already very clear back then.


This NFT was created when CZ, CEO of Binance told his fans on Twitter that Paris Hilton followed him. This NFT moment captured Paris Hilton at TomorrowLand 2019 Concert.